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Zentangle and Doodling Are Not the Same!

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Zentangle Inc.

Isn't Zentangle like doodling? This is the most common question I encounter at workshops. It's natural to consider both the art forms as the same. Both involve creating patterns that may have a representational significance or may involve abstract designs. Moreover, both come across as an easy hobby to develop as the tools needed are paper, pen, and pencil.

But are these two art forms the same? Absolutely not! Allow me to share the difference, once and for all.

Doodling is drawing patterns or things without involving the mind. When doodling your mind is occupied with other thoughts. At times, a doodler is also trying to express his/her views or thoughts. Check out a few of my early doodles.

All of us have doodled some time in life! We have had our share of boring lectures or presentations in colleges or at work. We cannot escape these, so we often find ourselves mindlessly scribbling in our notebooks. Well, that's doodling.

Zentangle art, on the other hand, is about creating repetitive intricate patterns while involving the mind. Simply put, it's mindful doodling. When the mind is involved in a creative endeavor, we tend to put away our stress and focus our energy on creating something unique. Moreover, Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle Inc.

Further, doodling art can be traced as early as the 18th century, or even earlier! In fact, cave paintings are one of the oldest forms of doodling, where it was used to tell a story or probably pass time.

Zentangle is a comparatively new and scientific art form introduced in 2003 by Rick and Maria, the founders of this American art form.

What's Special about Zentangle Art!

Unlike doodling, Zentangle art teaches us to embrace simplicity and gratitude in our daily lives. Thus, it changes our outlook on life. In my workshops, I emphasize on 2 critical points -

  1. Anything's possible, one stroke at a time.

  2. Remember to appreciate your creations and be grateful.

Finally, there are NO MISTAKES in Zentangle! It offers a lighthearted method to create stunning art pieces without stressing about where you could have gone wrong. Each stroke you choose to make (however imperfect according to you!) blends in beautifully. Isn't that amazing? That's one reason, I do not give an eraser as a part of the Zentangle kit.

So you see, Zentangle art and doodling are not the same! I hope you found this article insightful. Let me know your views and queries in the comments section below!

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