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How I Decided to Tread the Zentangle Path!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

When pursuing art as a hobby, Zentangle art wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Read on to know my art journey with Zentangle!

I was always a visual expresser. I started off in a way that's fairly ordinary - scribbling at the back of notebooks! But, given the busy work life, art for me was random.

Fast forward to the year 2013! I took a sabbatical from a rocking pharma marketing career to prioritize my family. It's an amazing experience to rock your baby but the change can rock your world! That's when I was introduced to Zentangle and the Tangle With Hazel journey began. Here's why I got attached to it.

  • It's a simple art form. It helped me realize how rewarding simple mindful strokes could be. I learned to appreciate little things and be grateful.

  • It gave me a sense of creative achievement. All of us need challenges in life. That's what drives us. It's fulfilling to see what can be achieved with a few strokes.

  • It requires very few tools. All you need is a pen, a pencil, and a sketchbook! That worked for me! Whether I was at traveling or waiting at the clinic for my daughter's vaccines, I could just pick my tools and begin.

My passion took me to Rhode Islands for my Zentangle certification. Since then I have been creating art and conducting workshops to help others experience the beauty of the Zentangle way of life!

I owe so much to this art form. It has had a huge positive and creative impact on my life. Now, I creatively combine Zentangle patterns with watercolors, ink, alcohol inks, coffee, and any other interesting media that I want to experiment with.

Would you like to get closer to this art form? Share your views in the comment section!

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