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Feeling Trapped at Home? Use Zentangle Art to Conquer Boredom

The coronavirus scare has forced all of us to go into self-quarantine. Everything from local/domestic/international travel to visiting malls, cinema halls, and public places has come to a standstill. Everyone's advised to stay at home. Schools have declared a month's holiday and corporations are directing employees to work from home.

Master these 8 steps to create a unique Zentangle art piece
The 8-Step Zentangle Method

One of the major side-effects of this self-quarantine mode is boredom. Among other issues and complications, the spread of this infectious disease has limited our entertainment options. So, no matter how much Netflix you watch, boredom is about to set in. Add to this the widespread anxiety caused by this pandemic.

In this post, I bring to you the 8-step magical Zentangle method that will help you combat boredom and relieve the anxiety associated with this outbreak.

So, grab a pen, pencil, and paper and let's get started!

Step 1 - Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation
Gratitude and appreciation

Begin by taking a few deep breaths to get your mind to focus on the paper and other tools you will be using. Feel gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful tools you will be working with. Enjoy the moment as you begin this creative journey.

Step 2 - Corner Dots

Mark the dots
Corner dots

Use your pencil to place dots at the four corners. It should create about quarter-inch inner margin.

Step 3 - Border

Make a border
Make a Border

Connect these corner dots with a straight line or a curvy one to get started.

Step 4 - String

A random string
Add a String of your choice

Inside the border, draw a string of any shape you desire. A string separates the tile into smaller sections that can be filled with patterns.

Step 5 - Tangle

Tangles are deliberate strokes that work together to create a pattern. As you fill a section with Zentangle patterns, remember to be mindful of each stroke. Rotate your paper to comfortably work through the pattern.

Step 6 - Shade

Use a graphite pencil to shade
Shade the patterns

Shading the Zentangle patterns using a graphite pencil will add contrast and depth to your work. In a way, it also helps camouflage areas you think are not perfect and highlight tangles you are proud of. You can use an earbud or a blending stump to soften the graphite on paper.

Step 7 - Initial and Sign

Add an initial of your name
Sign your work!

Yes! That beautiful tile has been created by you. So, go ahead and sign your initials or add a little monogram that's unique to you, signifying that it's your creation.

Step 8 - Appreciate

Be appreciative of your work and express gratitude
Appreciate your creation

With this step, we come back to the state of appreciation (as in Step 1). Hold your stunning creation and appreciate it. Be thankful for the journey that led you to create such a beautiful piece of art.

Use these simple steps to engage your mind, beat stress, and celebrate your creativity. So, go ahead and follow these magical steps to combat anxiety and boredom. Feel free to share your experience and creations in the comments section below!

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