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Beat the Covid Blues! Get Your Zentangle Mode On

Updated: May 25, 2020

Finding 15 mins at the end of the day to work on a Zentangle art piece is my way of rejoicing in the fact that I lived through the day! Read on to know how Zentangle can make you feel better in these tough times.

Self-quarantine... social distancing... stay at home... lockdown... isolation! All of us are seeing and hearing these words on the news, websites, and social media. In fact, most of us are doing a great job of staying at home and isolating ourselves.

But for how long can we sustain like that? Humans have social needs. Remember, Maslow's theory on the Hierarchy of Needs? Without social interaction and support it's next to impossible for us to survive. In fact, none of the needs mentioned by Maslow in his theory can be fulfilled without social connections.

And yet, here we are, observing social distancing for nearly a month. So, what can you do to compensate for the lack of social life? What can you do to overcome the outbreak anxiety associated with Covid-19?

Pick up a hobby! What better hobby than Zentangle art! It's a lighthearted and relaxing form of art that involves your mind and helps relieve stress.

The result is beautiful, rewarding, and liberating. Believe me! The feeling of creating something so stunning (especially when you think you cannot draw!) is exhilarating.

I have had so many students telling me that they aren't artists and cannot 'draw a straight line.' Well, here's the best part - You don't have to be an artist! If you know to write 'I,' 'S,' and 'C' you can draw something as striking as the picture on your left!

Finally, you have everything needed to pursue this art form at home. The only tools you will need are a pen, pencil, and paper.

I too have been feeling low learning about the pandemic and how it has affected people's lives and brought nations to a standstill. But then, I didn't want to give up so easily. So, I decided to challenge myself to a 'One-Zentangle-A-Day' challenge!

I call it a 'challenge' because after a hard day of office work, managing homeschooling for 2 kids, cooking, and other domestic chores, there isn't really any time left for a hobby. However, finding 15 mins at the end of the day to work on a Zentangle art piece is my way of rejoicing in the fact that I lived through the day!

Not just this, I am motivating others to do the same by uploading a tutorial of each of my work on my YouTube Channel. The number of people joining me in this journey is growing each day.

I also conducted an online Zentangle workshop for working moms and kids. It was an immediate mood-elevator for them and me too!

Being a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), it makes me happy to be there and relieve people's stress and anxiety through Zentangle art. So, I would urge you too to spare some time to tangle along with me. The art form is quite easy. Just visit my YouTube channel for inspiration!

Prioritize taking care of your physical and mental health during these tough times. We are all in this together! Stay at home but remember to stay creative!

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