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Come and explore the Zentangle way of living! TangleWithHazel is my own passion project to take you closer to the art of Zentangle. My passion for this art form took me to Rhode Islands where I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher. This art form will change your outlook towards life and help you tackle stress. Get in touch to experience a sense of creative achievement!

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Zentangle is a simple and all-inclusive art form that can be practiced by kids and adults alike. You don't need a special talent to work on these tiles. If you can draw a C, S, or a line, you can create stunning art pieces and experience the ultimate feeling of achievement. 

I conduct Zentangle workshops for corporates, schools, and institutions. I also work on commissioned projects.

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Virtual Zentangle Class for Corporates using a Video Conference Platform

Online Workshops

For Corporates Looking to Engage Their Distributed Team

Remote employees are most susceptible to stress! The current pandemic has forced all firms to operate in a remote work environment.
Our recreational art therapy is specifically designed to engage remote teams and help them unwind.

Workshops for Corporates

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Stress in the workplace can adversely affect productivity and employee morale. Indulging in recreational activities like Zentangle art can help your team unwind and get creative!

Get in touch to plan a recreational Zentangle workshop for your team!

Teachers admiring their creations
A memorable day it was! It was a pleasur

Zentangle Workshops for Kids

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Zentangle art is known to improve focus and enable the little minds to think creatively. 

Get in touch with me to plan a Zentangle art workshop at your school! 

Commissioned Artwork

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I am an artist at heart. If you are looking to gift something personalized to your loved ones, why not choose something artsy?

Get in touch for commissioned art pieces!

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